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Casa Impresa Immobiliare is seeking a motivated and experienced real estate agent for our team.

You will be assigned to a team led by one of the company's founders, and your role will be entirely commission-based, offering superior commissions compared to market standards for every successful sale you make. You will be responsible for clients and can work remotely while maintaining synergy with an energetic team that encourages collaboration and high-profile client engagement.

To succeed on our team, you must possess an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to create a highly successful business. Proficiency in both Italian and English is required, and knowledge of additional languages is a plus.


  • Act as a brand ambassador for Casa Impresa Immobiliare.
  • Work with a diverse range of clients to expand your portfolio.
  • Be in the field and become one of the top real estate agents in the region.
  • Utilize technology and social media to your advantage, making use of our in-house CRM system for organization and shared information within Casa Impresa.
  • Harness our dynamic marketing program to help you push beyond your limits.
  • Attend private events and network with key players in the global real estate industry.

Please send your applications, along with resumes and attachments, to:

Policy: Casa Impresa Srl's policy is not to discriminate, in employment, against any employee or candidate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability, or other factors.

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